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Clinic owner awarded Fellowship.


The McTimoney Chiropractic Association announced at it's AGM in July that Annette Wright, chiropractor and owner of the Brackley Clinic, was to become a Fellow of the Association.  This is an honour awarded to only a few chiropractors in their career and a mark of the high esteem Annette is held in within her profession.

Congratulations Annette - we're all very proud of you!





Stay fit for an active summer!

With the promise of better weather and the long daylight hours many of us are increasing our activity levels significantly at this time of year. Often along with that increased activity comes a few aches and pains and twinges from perhaps exceeding what your body is ready for.  Don't just soldier on. Many treatments can assist with recovery and help to keep you enjoying a busy and rewarding summer.

Massage can help to relieve those tired muscles and assist  recovery from the stiffness due to over use.


Chiropractic will help to keep you aligned and functioning as well as you possibly can -whether for sport or leisure or simply living life to the full.


Physiotherapy is also available to help to resolve issues and injuries as well as advising you on ways to strengthen yourself to avoid repeat problems.


So don't suffer unecessarily. 

For more information or to book  an appointment just call us.