Counselling is about helping individuals work things out for themselves, making the decisions and choices you wish to in a confidential, caring and safe environment.

Sometimes we have problems that worry us, we don’t know how to face them or deal with them. Sometimes talking to friends or family is too difficult. Talking to a trained professional, someone who will listen, understand and not judge, can make the path to understanding ourselves easier and clearer.

Problems will vary from person to person, we are all individuals. We may have one or a combination of problems. Difficulties might include anxiety or depression, mood swings, panic attacks and phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviour, difficulties in social situations, stress management, bereavement, relationship problems, concerns and adjustments to health conditions

Our counsellor, Alessia, offers a free 20 minute telephone consultation so you have the opportunity to ask questions and gain more understanding of what counselling can do for you and she can ensure that she is able to provide what you are looking for from therapy. She can work on a one-to-one basis, or can work with couples or families, with the aim of working together to make life more positive and manageable. What is talked about within any counselling session is strictly private and confidential.

Paula specialises in counselling for children and young people. At this time of life, thoughts and feelings can sometimes become ‘stuck’, which can lead to a range of diffuculties for example anxiety, low mood or self harm. Through counselling, a child or young person can explore different areas relating to themselves such as relationships, their childhood, emotions, thoughts, behaviour and situations or events they may have experienced or find difficult to cope with. Paula’s counselling practice provides a confidential and safe environment where clients can talk about the issues and difficulties that are individual to them and, where appropriate, provide strategies and tools that can help them cope in a better way. She also offers a free 20 minute telephone consultation, when you can discuss your child’s difficulties before you decide to book them in for an initial session.