Maddie Green (BSc ANutr)

After completing a three-year BSc Nutrition degree at Oxford Brookes University, Maddie gained accreditation with the Association for Nutrition as a registered Associate Nutritionist, highlighting her professional competency.  She is clinically trained to provide a high level of tailored nutritional advice to help improve your health and achieve life goals such as weight loss.

Maddie is also a Level 3 Personal Trainer and has a special interest in sports nutrition.  She has worked with athletes and gym goers where good nutrition has resulted in enhanced performance and facilitated injury rehabilitation.

Maddie is also particularly keen on providing realistic lifestyle alterations.  She understands that many people live busy lives and so do not always have a surplus of time to prepare healthy meals and to exercise.  Therefore, prior to providing dietary and exercise recommendations, Maddie will discuss any barriers which you may face so that the goals set are realistic so helping to promote adherence.