Foot pain is not normal, however as our feet probably work harder than most other parts of the body, it is not surprising that things sometimes go wrong.

Certain foot related problems are uninvited; others develop through illness, poorly aligned bones, or through pressure of ill-fitting shoes.

Regular appointments with a qualified Podiatrist/Chiropodist can help you to look after your feet properly.

The podiatrist at the clinic is Christie Wallis.


As our feet mirror our general health, any pain or persistent soreness may be warning signs which should not be ignored. Certain ailments such as diabetes, neurological and vascular problems, kidney and heart disease, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis can show early warning signs as symptoms in the feet. Problems in the foot can be the cause of back, hip or knee pain and vice versa.

To keep out feet healthy and functioning well it is important to:

  • •Inspect you feet when washing, looking for any changes in temperature and colour in the foot and nails
  • •Buy shoes that fit well with a lace, bar or strap across
  • •Look for shoes with a cushioning sole for shock absorption
  • •Don’t wear the same shoes every day
  • •Sit with your feet up for 20 minutes daily to aid circulation
  • •Moisturise and massage your feet daily

Remember – our feet are a marvel of biological engineering – don’t neglect them! If you have concerns then a visit to the Podiatrist could make all the difference.

Most aspects of routine foot care and specific foot problems can be dealt with within a 30 minute Podiatry appointment at the clinic.

Orthotic insoles can be prescribed and fitted for the individual by the Podiatrist.

Our Podiatrist, Christie Wallis, holds regular clinics at The Brackley Clinic on Mondays and Tuesdays 8.45am-2.30pm. For an appointment call 01280 703389.